Script output as big text or notification

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Script output as big text or notification

Post by robdejonge » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:30 am


I feel rather awkward for asking this. Adding a new action used to be as simple as placing a script in a directory and triggering a re-index. I've not needed to add new actions for a while, but decided that one of my shell scripts should be triggered from LaunchBar. So I figured I would give the new Action Editor a go. I've been looking around the web but I can't find a simple how-to 'make your shell scripts run in LaunchBar as an action' or anything similar to that. Messing around a bit, I finally got it to work. Despite the incredible documentation, a few simple 'how-to' files would be very helpful.

I now have an AppleScript as the default script, which calls a shell script (I also use it from the command line, so I don't want to move it) and takes the output from this script and puts it in a notification. This is great, exactly what I want. However ...

The script calls a bunch of commands, some of which return 'errors' (the script checks for certain interfaces to exist, and if they don't, do something) ... so what happens is the script works just fine but at the end LaunchBar lists out all the errors and does NOT send the notification.

How can I improve this experience?


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Re: Script output as big text or notification

Post by prenagha » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:05 pm

Building a custom action if you want to go all the way with a specific experience.
You can still just drop applescripts in the Actions folder, LB will call the run method when the script is invoked.
If you put the code in github and link here the group I'm sure can give you specific assistance

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