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Little Snitch Interfering with Kaspersky Internet Security?

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:13 am
by Medic427
Hello Fellow Little Snitch Users,

I have a problem with my anti-virus software by Kaspersky for Macintosh called Internet Security. I contacted their technical support and I advised them that I have Little Snitch installed as my firewall. My complaint to them is that my anti-virus is supposed to update every hour on the hour and it just does not do that at all. Has anyone used little snitch with Kaspersky Internet Security and had or heard of similar problems? If so was this a fix that was advised for you to take as an action and did it solve your problem. I really do not like running my Mac at all without little snitch and in fact if this does not fix I am going to look for other antivirus/malware protection solutions. I would appreciate any input you guys could provide. Thanks so much in advance. Rich :?: