crsud process warning after Apple Security Update 2013-001

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crsud process warning after Apple Security Update 2013-001

Post by tingo » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:09 pm

There's a new Little Snitch warning that has started to appear after Apple's latest Security Update, at least in Snow Leopard and in Lion. It's been discussed quite a bit, in particular (but not only) on Apple's user forums aka. Support Communities:

but not here on this forum.

So far people there have determined that the call, which has replaced or added features to updating the X-Protect files, is related to the Security panel in the System Preferences, and that it can be toggled by not allowing the "Automatic installation of important security updates". But no one has figured out exactly what information Apple is looking at, harvesting, saving and using. Personally, I'm not too keen on letting them "ransack" my computers, but I'd also hate to miss out on security updates.

Any idea, anyone?

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Re: crsud process warning after Apple Security Update 2013-0

Post by greenblue » Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:09 am

I'm not thrilled about it either and was shocked to see such a draconian, non-transparent way to "update" so mysteriously. If I turn it off, I guess I risk not getting certain vital security updates at all? If I leave it on, I risk some automatic update that can possibly make my system unstable without my control/knowledge?

This is lame and Apple need to explain this so professionals can decide for themselves whether to leave this enabled or not.

There's a huge discussion on this here: ... 5&tstart=0

The fact that there's a giant discussion of Apple users trying to figure out what Apple's intentions are with this option just goes to show what a failure this is on Apple's part to implement this properly. I still haven't read through the entire discussion and still trying to figure out what Apple has done here.


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