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Little Snitch 101

Post by Parazzoli » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:28 pm


I bought LS a few weeks ago, but I'm honestly not sure if it is working correctly, if there's any configuration that I had to or even if the program meets my expectations.
My problem is that most softwares, if not all of them, connect to the internet somehow and I don't know if I have to allow them to or if I should block them and because I have ADHD, it is very hard for me to understand if I'm doing the right thing when I allow or deny a connection for a specific program.
I don't want my information going around the internet, but I also want the computer to run smoothly, so I guess what I need is a little explanation of what LS does, how to configure it properly and what to do when it asks me a question.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: Little Snitch 101

Post by Stuart » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:52 am

I cannot advise, only say what I do (which others may say is wrong).

I have no idea about a lot of the processes that ask about connections through LS. I am a bit paranoid about so many things connecting so ...

when something asks and I am unsure if I have time I google the process (e.g. "SubmitDiagInfo MAC OSX") then decide. If no time I base my decision on the fact that my computer should still work if there is no connection available (or the server if down/busy) so I tend to say "Deny" and with the "Until Quit" option. Then I can see if the application/computer behaves OK and if it does, next time I may make it "deny" "forever".

Some processes I want to allow to connect but only occasionally when I know what they are going to do, so when e.g. StoreAgent asks unexpectedly I respond Deny" "Until Quit". So when I ask it to e.g. Check For Updates I "Allow" "Until Quit".

Above is NOT advice but just what I do.


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