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Network Monitor Timing?

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:41 pm
by paulc
I did run through the help, but don't see the answer to my question. When I first read about the Network Monitor, I tho9ught it was something that would also accumulate such statistics. I DO see a Menu item for "Show only Last..." which was set to Unlimited. BUT in use, it seems to not really accumulate said stats... but it also seems to work for maybe a 24 hour period.

Was it intentional that it only really track for a limited time period? If so, are there any plans to maybe make it weekly or monthly (monthly would be really nice)? And if it ONLY does 24 hours (as it seems to do) then exactly what triggers the 24 hour period... it is based on the local time's "day" or booting or what?