Defend LS more, please!

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Defend LS more, please!

Post by soyek » Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:48 pm

Dear Objective Devs,

I'm sure that by now everyone here is well aware of the Metakine's „Hands Off”. It started as a total Little Snitch rip-off (what drove me angry, tho' You ObDev even more for sure), just a little bit prettier and from the very beginning its marketing was very agressive against LS. You haven't pattented Your software anyway (understandable), so they could actually do it and they've managed to break Your monopoly and became a strong competition (which is a good thing in fact). They grew stronger, more feature-rich and more popular, and now (with actually everything ripped-off from You and enhanced, and extended) one could say it's a better software than Little Snitch. They even offer now a significant discount for all LS switchers! - really mean thing to do.

Now, I'm a Little Snitch user for a long time now and it's never let me down, working flawlessly without any issue and I value it for that very much. Personally, I have no intention of switching to HO, since I'm used to LS so much, don't really need all those HO's features, and (what's the most important) don't want to set all those rules all over again.
My uncle will be finally making the switch from the PC world soon (as soon as new iMacs will come out - end of April, rumors say) and I'll help him make the switch. Obviously, I'll want to recommend him the best software, based on my experience and knowledge. And I still don't know which is better - LS or HO.

What's the point in all the story?
I think You should defend Your software more here. I think You should respond to Metakine's agressive strategy and bring Your cards to the top off the deck!
I've read here & there that there's actually some security-thingy logic behind LS's restart-requiring installation. And that Metakine's take on this kind of software breaks with some Software Updates. Let people know! Explain! Make a comparison site! Advertise Little Snitch's strenghts! Become as much agressive! Laugh at them if You wish!…
Just show to Your community, that it's not profitable to switch and give Your future clients clear reasons to choose LS over HO.

Otherwise, Your userbase will shrink and in the end… I'll recommend HO to my uncle :P
And if I'm over optimistic and there's nothing really strong to defend, then well… I guess we don't have anything to talk about.

I'm impatiently awaiting Your response.
Best regards and thank You for Your always-stable Little Snitch.

P.S. Will You ever consider changing the app icon? :P

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Re: Defend LS more, please!

Post by fcarg » Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:49 pm

I've given up on Little Snitch at the moment I tried Hands Off!. They offer a trial that you can use to see if you like it, honestly, it is much better. They aren't doing anything wrong, they are pleasing their customers which is what obdev should be doing but isn't... if you think that a company that pleases their customers is bad, then you're not a customer. Why don't you use hands off and see how much better it is? I had a look at the configuration tool and it allows you to import LS rules, so you'll be fine, you won't need to reset them. Believe me, hands off does a lot more than LS does, it really is so much better. I got tired of asking obdev to improve LS, so I just purchased a macupdate bundle that came with hands off, and I'm so impressed. I think that you should stop wasting time with suggestions to obdev, and try hands off instead, it is much more advanced and it hasn't crashed at all since I started using it, there's no issues, really.

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Re: Defend LS more, please!

Post by CyberStealth » Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:44 am

Well if you still haven't made the switch to snow leopard,
like myself then I don't think you have a choice. :lol:


I was thinking so Metakine's "Hands Off" is a total Little Snitch rip-off.
Then why can't Little Snitch just return the favor and re-rip-off Metakine's "Hands Off".
I must admit it does have some features that would seem to make everything even more secure. :oops:

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