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Feature Request: add silence when fullscreen

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:56 am
by Fly
On mac, recently i noticed, that when you play in game which is fullscreen, and the game is trying to connect to the web, my mac tells me (with voiceover i think), that "Little Snitch is blocked %processname% which is tried to connect to %resourcename%, i think this speech is initiated by LS, and i guess that we need options to disable this behaviour, it is very annoying.

Also, i think that it will be useful to have options in settings, which defines, how LS should behave when fullscreen app is working: disable all connections, enable all connections, something else? May be "allow all connections for current fullscreen app", this will allow game, i am currently playing, to reach internet without interruptions.

What do you think?