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Mojave 14.4.4 Beta 3 - Poor performance and regular hangs with DNS resolution

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:05 pm
by EyeSpy
After installing the latest Mojave 14.4.4 Beta 3, released this past week, I am now getting regular hangs with Little Snitch 4.2.4 when attempting to resolve requests via DNS. If I stop the Little Snitch network filter, the DNS requests will go through properly. Inspecting the Network Monitor shows no actual blocks listed for the DNS resolution requests, however, so there are no rules that I can ferret out that might be related to the blockage (at least none that show in the Network Monitor).

I am prepared to go after a 4.3 Nightly build to see if my woes might be alleviated there. Just curious to see if there are other Mojave 14.4.4 Beta users out there that are also noticing problems.