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Feature Request: grouping rules into collections

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:12 pm
by yooj1984
I request a new feature to group multiple rules into a single group/folder/collection/etc that I can then manually allow or disallow.

Currently, I find that Adobe's products phone home far too often, from when I launch theirs apps to when I quit their apps and even while their apps are not running. And they do so through multiple processes that I have to manually block, one rule per process. Outside of checking for software updates, I want to block Adobe from any net access. Ideally, I want to select multiple rules, group them into a single collection that I can name "Adobe Phone Home", and then be able to enable/disable that collection which in turn enables/disables all rules within the collection.

These collections of rules would be local, so Group Rules don't work for my needs.

Thanks in advance!