Allow local, deny remote rule help

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Allow local, deny remote rule help

Post by adammuelta » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:48 pm

Hey guys, need a little help setting up some rules. The rules editor has a 'local network' option but neither a 'external network' option nor a 'not' operator.

I have a rule for 'Allow incoming connections from local network' so that any of my machines can access anything on my server without me having to configure anything extra.

In general I want all my hosted services to be available to the internet without trouble, but a few I want blocked off. For example the remote desktop / screen sharing port or smpd. Can't quite figure that part out though.

[*]Any process : Allow incoming connections from local network
[*]screensharingd.bundle : Deny all incoming connections

The 'deny' rule would take precedence since it is 'more specific' (app specific) than the 'allow' rule…

Right now I am just letting Little Snitch automatically create temporary 'deny' rules per incoming connection attempt, but that's definitely not what I want.

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