Odd behavior after creating Global Rule

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Odd behavior after creating Global Rule

Postby contrawise » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:21 pm

There's a ton of traffic coming and going to Google Chrome from a wide range of addresses within a large IP domain. I was able to identify the domain as entirely owned by Google, and decided to treat traffic to and from it as friendly, to avoid lots of interruptions from LS.

I constructed a rule to cover the entire domain: ""
Ordinarily, when I construct a global rule this way, LS points out all the existing IP addys that fall within the designated range. For whatever reason, that hasn't happened this time. I still have many entries of IP addys in the database, within this range, that I've blessed over the years - that LS would ordinarily have marked as redundant. I'm curious about why that hasn't happened, and wondering whether the rule is actually working or not.

Just noticed a clue: "Allow incoming connections from 65536 IP addresses"
That number is much too small. I assume I need to designate the IP addy range in a different way - but it isn't apparent to me what that would be.

Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed !

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Re: Odd behavior after creating Global Rule

Postby maelcum » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:13 pm

Could you post the rule here? (Just mark the line in the LS GUI, press cmd-c and paste it here with cmd-v)

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