Rules that are allowed with an alert

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Rules that are allowed with an alert

Post by fclout » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:13 am

Posting here because support is closed until January 2. (For what it's worth, if anyone at obdev reads this, I wouldn't mind sending an email now and only getting a reply in 3 days.)

I have several rules for connections that I would like to auto-accept, but that I would prefer to have notifications about. For instance, as a developer, I somewhat frequently download Python packages using pip, which connects to, and This is normal and expected if I run the command myself. However, it doesn't seem from the user interface that I can distinguish between commands that I ran myself and commands that some script/tool is executing without my knowledge. I ran a script that simply contains:

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import os
os.system("pip install -U xattr")

and Little Snitch let the connection through without asking. I understand this from a technical point of view, but it doesn't seem to meet the promise of warning me about unwanted or unexpected connections. At the same time, not using these rules at all means that I have to go through several dialogs based on my settings each time I want to download packages.

For these rules, it would be good enough and more convenient if Little Snitch could accept but notify me that a connection has been created. Little Snitch is already capable of running in "silent mode", where connections are auto-accepted, but each post a notification. This is the result that I would like to get.

Is it possible right now?

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