Detection ofGoogle Chromecast

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Detection ofGoogle Chromecast

Postby inrianer » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:00 pm

On my Mac (10.14.2) i always have to stop the network filter for detection of my Google Chromecast device. By now i haven't found any way to discover the device with the network filter started.

First i have to start Google Chrome. Then i take the choice of "Streaming...". With the network filter stopped, the Chromecast device is always shown. But with the network filter started, it is not shown.

I took a little research and found, that Google Chrome uses multicast with destination port 1900. So i tried this out on the Google Chrome process. Not working. Then i tried it out with "Any process". Still not working.

Does anyone have a idea, what settings are to be taken for successful detection?

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