How to setup Netflix on Vizio TV or Blu-ray device?

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How to setup Netflix on Vizio TV or Blu-ray device?

Post by madelynpowell » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:19 am


The following steps to activate the Netflix account on the VIZIO T.V or Blu-ray:

i. Connect the VIZIO T.V or Blu-ray with internet network: You can connect them to the Internet either by using a hardwired connection or by a wireless connection. For a hardwired connection, you should use Ethernet cable. Put the one end of the Ethernet wire into the Internet port on VIZIO T.V or Blu-ray and another end to the Ethernet port on the router. For a wireless connection just simply click on the name of your Wi-Fi and then select “connect.” Type in the password in case you receive a prompt for it.

ii. With the help of remote now select the Netflix icon on your television screen and wait for another screen to open up.

iii. A new screen opens up on the television displaying the “unique code for activation” and will ask you to visit

iv. Open the browser in any of your devices connected to the internet for example mobile, laptop, etc. Type the given URL to visit the home page of Netflix.

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