blocking connections to certain websites

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blocking connections to certain websites

Post by angelhair00 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:14 pm


im running the latest little snitch, as i downloaded it a few days ago. i am using the most recent mojave version.

ive been using little snitch for several years. on my old machine it worked great. i have transferred my license to a brand new mac mini. i am confused as to why im able to connect to webpages that i have specifically blocked in the little snitch rules (specifically, i tell little snitch to block all connections to a particular hostname or domain with 'any process.') it doesnt matter whether its under 'system' or 'me.' i am able to connect to websites through my browsers that i have denied outgoing connections to in little snitch. im experienced with the software so i have no clue why this isnt working. i used to be able to put any hostname in there, and then the webpage would instantly refuse to load, but that is not whats happening now.

also, in teaching little snitch what to allow and not allow, i noticed that some of my applications have contacted the internet without asking me for approval. they just seemed to be pre-approved. i tested this by opening logic pro x for the first time ever, and told it to download sounds from their sound library, and logic began doing it immediately without little snitch asking me if i wanted to allow the connection. why is this? isnt little snitch supposed to ask me? its asked me about a lot of connection attempts, but not that one and not a few others as well.

i am using a VPN. could this be related?

i have blocked all outgoing connections from the stocks app, and that is working correctly. little snitch asked if i would allow connections, and i said no, and it didnt connect. so it is not like its not working altogether.

this is not how things went when i first installed little snitch on my old machine.

thanks for your help

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