Creating rules to allow access to/from hostnames

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Creating rules to allow access to/from hostnames

Post by sheridavis » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:13 am

Apologies for generate a new topic for this topic if one already exists, but a fast search of the forums didn't get anything that seems to be valid.
I have a server with an ISP (DHCP) assigned IP address.
The ISP modifies the IP address occasionally, so I use dyndns in arrange to distantly way in the server by name. ISP modifies the IP address occasionally.
I've tried creating a small lift rule to permit an outgoing connection to the server by name, but small Snitch insists on ignore this regulation and prompt me to allocate way in by the server's IP address.

FWIW, I've attempt creating both 'hostname' and 'domain' rules, but whether the rule is based on 'hostname' or 'domain', Little Snitch ignore the information that the server's hostname name. Resolves to the IP address (e.g., and an attempt to access website will product in a little steal prompt that asks me to agree way in to IP address

Yes, I've established that resolves to, using a array of IP addresses in a decree isn't an selection or a explanation (for me). Two reasons.
1) I don't want my MacBook to be able to right of entry *any* IP addresses that I don't recognize & specifically agree (this is why I use Little Snitch )
2) I use dyndns *specifically* so that I don't want to recognize the IP address of my server; I don't desire to have to know the server's IP address in order to support Little Snitch's prompts.

Examples of the rules follow below.
Am I doing something wrong in these rules?
If I'm not doing something wrong, how do I present a bug report?
If this performance isn't viewed as a 'bug', how do I present an enhancement request?

Thanks you All.

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