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Purchasing the software

Post by shoe » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:23 pm

Is there any place other than the obdev.at to purchase the software? After playing with it in demo mode off and on for a couple of weeks I decided I couldn't live without Little Snitch!

Alas my Visa doesn't see to work with the site. Always rejected. I contacted my Card services and they saw the rejection come through because it is a 'High Risk Site' - their words not mine. The lady I was working with clear it and while we were on the phone, tried a couple more times and it was rejected by the credit card company each time. She tried various things, no luck. I suppose on one hand I should be thankful. But on the other, :cry:

Try another card, you're thinking? Well I'm over sixty, and my kids twisted my arm into getting this card. I'm a cash, check sort of guy. [Yes, I'm that old fart writing the check at in the cashier line in front of you]. Paypal? I actually read their terms and forget that!

Gee I miss the days when there was actually a bit of trust in the world. I even remember writing a personal check from a U.S. Bank for cash to a bank in Silkeborg, Denmark while traveling, they cashed it, I had kroner, check cleared fine, everyone happy!

The wife does have a Discover [being just sixty, she more of a risk taker] too, but that doesn't look like an option.

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