Snitch USELESS on new Macbook Air Mojave

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Snitch USELESS on new Macbook Air Mojave

Post by kenneth01 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:36 pm

1. ive been using snitch now for endless years, i love it, i KNOW HOW to use it

2. new macbook air and mojave, i get proxy server request hell trying to install Adobe creative cloud

3. Safari wont connect to the www AT ALL, but firefox WILL

4. i checked ALL permissions, i KNOW how to use snitch, its TRASHED for Mojave.

5. unistalled it, wow ALL PERFECT 100% !!!

6. tried another install, BOOM, my new air is trashed / useless.

I paid $25 for an upgrade, i wish to request a refund, i LOVE SNITCH< but i did NOT pay for a USELESS product !!

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