Scary loss of login updating to 4.3 nightly (5231)

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Scary loss of login updating to 4.3 nightly (5231)

Post by tex » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:19 pm

I updated Little Snitch to 4.3 Nightly (5231). Restart forced of course.

When Mac came up (Mojave 10.14.1) I could not log in to computer w my normal user and a password that I know by heart since very long. Really scary!

I have a separate Admin account and tried logging in there. No luck! So Mac OS told me I could go into recovery mode and follow instructions. Advised me to choose password without accents or complex characters. I did.

After restart I managed to log in w new password. But then all logins in Keychain Access were gone. I am constantly asked to reenter every mail password, GPG encryption passwords, Wifi ... all that was stored. Fortunately my login to 1password worked efter rebooting and I have all info there also.

I have backups of course, but this was scary and I see no other reason than the upgrade to Little Snitch to 4.3 Nightly (5231)

Any other w problems?

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