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Post by eegorebulbous » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:30 pm

So lately I've realized that I'm basically not getting any real benefit from Little Snitch, because I've put it into permissive mode.
I've had to put it into permissive mode because of / heroes of the storm, and the fact that they update frequently, and end up only getting blocked after a game starts.

It seems like having the ability to create rules based on the code signature Team ID would fix this pretty easily. All of Blizzards apps are signed by Team ID: G847MC6JZ5

I'd be happy, as I'd bet most people would be, to allow any blizzard apps to update.

People have also suggested a wildcard path, which I think would mostly work, except it seems like malware could install itself inside the blizzard tree, to get whitelisted that way (although I suppose if you were only allowing connections to specific, blizzard, servers, this could work as well).

I'm not really too worried about what the solution is, but some kind of solution would be nice.

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