New feature: limit by geo location

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New feature: limit by geo location

Postby jdboer » Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:21 pm

I'm a very happy user of Little Snitch for many years.
Just recently updated to v4 and I like the new geo view.

Maybe for a next version it would be nice to be able to create rules based on geo location.
E.g. I would like to deny all traffic to Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine, China, etc.
Would be nice if this could be captured in a rule.

Keep up the good work!

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Re: New feature: limit by geo location

Postby 428CA738297B » Wed Dec 19, 2018 10:31 pm

same here.
at work, our company firewall blocks all these countries. I love it.
would pay more money for this feature.

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