Boot Problems after installing latest Version 4.1.X

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Boot Problems after installing latest Version 4.1.X

Post by Ederseepirat » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:08 am

Hey there,

i installed on my two Macs the latest version of Little Snitch 4.1.X.

After finishing the installation process, the installer asked for a system reboot.
During boot the system, it "hanged". The progress bar was freezing and a circle started below the progress bar.
I waited until the next morning, the system stopped.

Then I started the restore by Time Capsule, with no result. I tried a clean install, and after installing a few apps, I reinstalled Little Snitch, with the same result as above. This happened three times per Mac, six at all.

I am now frustrated and need support. Maybe Objective can give some words to that.

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