4.1.2 fixed my kernel and my state of mind

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4.1.2 fixed my kernel and my state of mind

Post by brian163 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:30 am

So for the past so many weeks, my Mid-2012 Mac Pro seemed like it was starting to lose it's bits. Per-for-mance was con-stant-ly shak-y. The most noticeable behavior was something had possessed my mouse which arbitrarily jumped or skipped after moving the cursor around from here to there. (And I dragged it back again when it landed where it wasn't supposed to.) I too started unravelling at the seams as no number of reboots, disabling software, multi-key holding boot sequence resets, or holy water would make it stop. A physical mouse test revealed it wasn't my fairly new wireless mouse that had worked fine for weeks. It wasn't bluetooth.

What it was, was so persistent I actually started to get used it. Until my son sat in front of it the other day and after a few moments said "DAD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPUTER?!?!!" I snapped back to my painful cognizant reality.

And then...

An update alert popped up for LS 4.1.2 this morning. "Kernel memory leak fixed" it said. I faithfully installed and rebooted. And my Mac Pro was reborn. The mouse twitches were gone. The weird response time of menu clicks, the beach ball that would flash oh so briefly to taunt me and made sure nothing felt normal.

I'm pretty sure I'll be called a nut. Something else had to be causing it. LS surely can't/won't cause a mouse problem? (You nut.)

But I know. I know...

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