Suggestion to hide dock icon on menu mouseover

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Suggestion to hide dock icon on menu mouseover

Post by int_stealer » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:48 am


Thanks for this great product. I bought it last July and have found it very useful. However one thing that bugs me a little is that the Network Monitor icon appears in the dock when you mouse over the LS menubar icon, if you have enabled in the settings "General > Show status in menu bar" and "Monitor > Show automatically when mouse enters menu bar icon" (and "Monitor > Hide after 0.2 seconds"). I use this setting to sometimes quickly mouse over the icon to check the current processes in there and bandwidth usage before moving my mouse out of the window. It is a bit distracting to see the dock icon appear and disappear when doing so, especially when sometimes I mouseover the menubar icon accidentally. Could it be possible to have a setting to hide the dock icon?

Thanks again for this useful program.

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Re: Suggestion to hide dock icon on menu mouseover

Post by BubbaMac » Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:03 pm

PLEASE, give us the option to hide the Network Monitor icon from the dock.
The Network Monitor in version 3 was fantastic. But it sucks in version 4.


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