Invalid code signature and iperf3

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Invalid code signature and iperf3

Post by slimbrick » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:43 pm

I occasionally perform network throughput tests on my home's LAN using iperf3 which I installed on my iMac desktop and my Mac laptop using homebrew. The desktop is wired to my router and the laptop is wireless, so iperf3 is a reasonable measure of my LAN performance. See ... work-iperf.

However, now that I've installed Little Snitch 4 on the desktop and am running in Silent Mode, I find that incoming connections to iperf3 on the terminal have been denied because of an invalid code signature. I've read the documentation on invalid code signatures ( but I don't yet understand the proper way forward. My Little Snitch preferences for Security are set such that "Ignore code signature for local network connections" is checked.

I'd appreciate some advice. First, I don't know much about code signatures so I dun't understand why the code signature for iperf3 is invalid given iperf3 is a fairly garden variety network tool. Hence I'm at a loss for how to fix it. Second, Little Snitch declares the Priority of this issue as "Extra High - Overrides any other rules because there's an issue with the processes' code signature" which sounds pretty bad. I'd like advice to interpret this because it sounds like there is no way around it.


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