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Post by newyork10023 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:22 pm

Bazillions. Seriously?

I should hope and expect that users of Little Snitch have matured to the point and have sufficient intellectual capacity that rules can specifically represent network addresses in CIDR notation when entered as such, rather than as a list of individual IP addresses (as done in previous versions, thanks for the update) or as a range of IP addresses (as currently done) and certainly not shown in what amounts to comic book lingo references to "Bazillions". (Did you confirm it is not, properly, Gazillions? Did you code this?)

Unacceptable: 16.8 Millions, Lots, Tons, WOW!, Zonks! etc.

Acceptable: fe80::/10
Unacceptable: Bazillions, Gazillions, OMFG! etc.

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