Feature Requests: Better defense against apps phoning home

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Feature Requests: Better defense against apps phoning home

Postby lopezio » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:01 pm

Hi there,

just wanted to drop a few lines on some features I’d love to see in a future Little Snitch version:

- Groups of processes (or groups of rules):

Sometimes, when programs like the complete Adobe or Microsoft suite wants to phone home for some reason, they spawn like 10-20 processes that phone home, and it’s a nuisance to deny them all. Also because I want them sometimes to phone home, like once a month when they need to verify their license, but not all the time. If I could group them in the rules editor, and then in the Alert have the option to apply my choice (allow/deny all) to the whole group, that would be great

- Possibly an extension (or simplification) of the above: Rules by signature

Yes, it could also work like this, that LS gives me the option to decide signature/based. So I could temporarily deny all “Microsoft” or “Adobe” connections…

- Editable list of durations

Sometimes I’d like to say: deny for a week or a month (instead of 1 hour or 2 or until restart)…
why not make that menu editable…?

- More advanced duration: “allow for 6 hours every 30 days”

But this is probably just a weird dream of mine.
The idea is not to kill updates but still not let apps phone home 100x per day...

Best regards and thanks for doing Little Snitch!!!

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