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Multiple Profiles Question

Postby danitaz » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:03 pm

Hello - I have searched the forums, but haven't found an answer to my issue, so I'll ask here. We move around a lot, and two of the locations where we work frequently have DSL, which gets quickly oversaturated with Dropbox, online backups like iCloud and iDrive and the like. I also host webinars that suck up a lot of bandwidth, so I want have the same "DSL" type of profile, but then turn off other processes that just randomly go out to the world as well. Thus I want to effectively have 3 profiles:

High Speed: This profile is used when I am on my high speed network, and can happily upload iCloud, Dropbox and do iDrive backups without upsetting the universe.

DSL: This profile has pretty much everything that High Speed uses, but removes the access to background process like iCloud, Dropbox, iDrive, Photos and iTunes updating, etc.

Webinar: This profile allows for access to browsers, GoToWebinar apps, Zoom apps, but cuts out almost all extraneous chatter.

LS doesn't seem to have an profile hierarchy. As you will notice, each of these profiles becomes more restrictive. It would be great to set up everything I want in High Speed, then only turn off what shouldn't be there in DSL, and then further turn off even more for Webinar. I can't seem to figure out how to do this though. I can have the bare minimum that I want for "Webinar" to be accessible in all profiles, but then I need to create rules for what I want in DSL and duplicate them for High Speed, and then of course create rules for "High Speed". What would be really great is if there was a way to "multi-select" profiles.

Am I just looking at this incorrectly?



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