Little Snitch 4 alert button position changes

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Little Snitch 4 alert button position changes

Post by ParanoidCat » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:40 am

I have LS 4.0.4 installed.
Two issues with Alert UI.

I used to be able to hold the mouse on one spot and click Allow or Deny multiple times.
With the latest version, the buttons moves around due to length of the web page address.
Basically, the alert window size changes depending on length of URL.

This is very annoying as I keep accidentally Allow or Deny when I mean to do the opposite

LS 3 alerts would respond faster to keyboard inputs. with LS 4, Pressing enter/escape quickly triggers error sound.
This seems to be a step backward. I have to wait and then enter my choice for the alter UI to keep up.

I emailed LS support, didn't get any clear response.

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