Little snitch blanket rules broken?

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Little snitch blanket rules broken?

Postby sacredgeometry » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:23 am

It's been this way for a while (I think the last few major versions and I have been hoping for a fix to be patched in.

Why can I no longer just set a blanket allow/ deny rule for an application (for example chrome) without it complaining or setting up multiple rules?

The reason I am complaining is it seems to break videos (causing flickering) on streaming sites like facebook video, youtube etc when only some of the rules allow connections and some don't.

This is non representative because recently I deleted all my rules for chrome (there was approx 50+). I thought there may have been conflicting ones causing the problem so I deleted all of them and attempted to set a blanket rule. I thought this was working until I just got a notification asking me to configure another.


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