Which has the priority?

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Which has the priority?

Postby JinDS » Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:11 pm


I use a VPN to encrypt my connection. Now, I have set up two profiles: "VPN On" and "VPN Off" and I use automatic profile switching. I have set the rules so that when the OpenVPN connection is not established it switches to VPN Off. When the VPN is active, it switches to VPN On and all the data is can flow because I have allowed it so.

However, some rules cannot be adjusted, because they are by default open and non-configurable. Now, I read somewhere you can better switch off "Incoming local network" when you are on free Wifi-connections, which makes sense. However, this is one of these protected settings. It is possible to untick the rule and after a warning, you can switch it off.

So I was wondering how you can set up a profile to disable this, with only VPN connection established. I figured that if I copied the protected rules into this profile (called "VPN On -Local") I could then disable all of them. Which is possible!

BUT: when you select the option to view all rules effective in all profiles you see one entry for allowed incoming local networks and one disabled. I don't get any errors or conflict/message in-app. Now I was wondering if I switch to the VPN On -Local profile, which rule gets the priority? Do I just raise the priority from the denying rule, will that force the rule?

If so, let's say I copy all the protected rules to a no-connection profile and I deny all in- and outgoing connections (even the protected ones with raised priority), will that recreate a VPN kill switch if I use auto-profile switching (so all connections disabled if no VPN is established)?

If so, I presume that if I cut off everything, it's impossible to connect to the VPN server entirely. Which processes would I have to allow to connect or do I just allow the VPN app to make connection and disable all the rest? This all to make a VPN kill switch.

Thank you in advance!!

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