Little Snitch 3.81 issue with system UI

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Little Snitch 3.81 issue with system UI

Postby portyannikoff » Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:35 pm

Tested on my three different macs (mbp and two iMac's with different systems: sierra & high sierra).
After Little Snith auto updates to 3.81/82 (on different mac's there was different available versions to update, don't know why) system LOGON UI & Shutdown/logoff dialog become in english (i'm from Russia & have Russian interface). I tried to uninstall little snitch, but nothing happens - system UI still the same in english.
You can see on image like it looks in shutdown dialog
The problem was solved after upgrading systems. But after reinstalling little snitch problem repeats again.
In my opinion the program affects system UI localization files of Mac OS.
Who faced similar? I'm afraid now to update little snitch.

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