Getting License # Version 4

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Getting License # Version 4

Postby north3d » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:07 pm

When I got my update from v3 to v4
I went from the "update notice" in version 3
to the obdev site, to paypal.
I got a receipt from paypal,
But a never got a receipt from obdev with the License #s to Version 4

Version 4 is working ... so ... somehow the computer got the number it needed
and I stop thinking about it.

But ... now I've moved my drives to better Mac Pro Tower
And ... updated the OS to High Sierra.

So ... Now ... I need my license#

But ... the page that lets you simply type in your email address
and receive your number isn't working for me :(

It keeps saying that "we could not find any license registered to" what ever email I use.

I use a few different email addresses so I thought that
I just typed it the wrong one.
But now I've tried all the addresses I normally use
and it still isn't "finding me".

What's my next move?

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