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Connection Database/Catalogue

Post by mrjohngalt09 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:43 pm

I recently installed Little Snitch 4.3 and have become somewhat obsessed with it. It is incredible to see all of the traffic my machine produces over the course of normal operation, of which I was blissfully unaware previously. In some subliminal sense I did know it was there of course, hidden just beneath the surface. But to see each request laid bare now right before my eyes is really quite extraordinary.

The research assistant is a very interesting feature of course. But I find it quite hamstrung by the fact that it is focused on the local application or process which is making the request, and not the remote destination or server to/from which it is is attempting to connect. To me this shortfall is highlighted in an application such as a web browser, where Little Snitch has no way to differentiate between each tab. The research assistant will report the same information about Google Chrome whether I am attempting to connect to a secure site or not. I understand this issue may be outside the scope of Little Snitch's design goals.

Is there any resource where users of Little Snitch and similar software can "compare notes" about connections they observe? For instance, while web browsing, I notice attempted connections from 4 categories of services:

1) legitimate webservers
2) ad and tracking networks
3) CDNs, fonts, webpack stuff, jquery plugins and the like
4) unknown (strange google or facebook services?)

Has anyone attempted to catalogue these connections from popular sites, which I imagine many users see? I would be interested to learn also the affects of denying such connections.

Sorry for the long post.
Thank you!

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Re: Connection Database/Catalogue

Post by Andrzejm » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:55 pm

I highly support Research Assistant propositions.
It would be great to RA inform me about websites the app is connecting to.
Additionally is it possible to identify an application from within virtual machine? (Parallel Desktop for example).

Similar propositions are here:

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Re: Connection Database/Catalogue

Post by r2a2ob » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:28 am

I'm interested in this as well

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