Working with Sophos web filter

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Working with Sophos web filter

Postby BrianCanFixIT » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:56 pm

When the following Sophos Web Filtering option is enabled some web traffic may not work:
Control access to websites using a policy set by your administrator. This feature helps your organization minimize concerns around inappropriate content and productivity.

The fix is similar to the preyproject workaround:
1) Launch the Little Snitch configuration from the console as the "_sophos" user:

Code: Select all

sudo -u _sophos /Applications/Little\ Snitch\\ Snitch\ Configuration

2) Continue through the setup guide
3) Open Little Snitch Preferences -> Security -> "Click the lock to make changes -> enter your admin credentials -> Check the "Allow Global rule editing" checkbox -> close the preferences window.
4) Click on "All Rules", search for "sophosweb" in the search window, then Select the entry for "SophosWebIntelligence.bundle"
5) Delete any deny rules, and set the rule to allow traffic as desired, it should look something like the image below.
6) Close Little Snitch Configuration.
7) Open up Little Snitch configuration for your user and repeat the process above.

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