Is the problem related to little snitchi 4.02

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Is the problem related to little snitchi 4.02

Postby Swift2001 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:21 pm

I have run the High Sierra beta and Little Snitch 4.0 since the beginning. With Beta 5, I think, I have had difficulty with installing each new beta. At first I repaired the drive with Cmd-R Disk Utility, then “Reinstall High Sierra” from the Cmd-R screen. Beta 6 acted the same, and I used CMD-R again, this time, though, Snitch was broken on boot-up, and I had to install 4.02. That worked great. But now Beta 7 has arrived, and the stalled installation is there again. What should I do? Disable Snitch before each new version?

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