LS 4.0.1 broke startup of High Sierra b3

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Re: LS 4.0.1 broke startup of High Sierra b3

Postby anakin » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:24 pm

Thank you sweet walkindude! This saved my life and thesis! :shock:
walkindude wrote:- Booted into Recovery
- Launched Terminal
- Ok, maybe the following step is a little bit weird.. but for me it was the quickest path - launched 'Disk Utility' from it, like:
/Applications/Utilities/Disk\\ Utility
In Disk Utility I mounted my system's drive.
- Closed 'Disk Utility'
- In Terminal I removed the following directory:
rm -rf /Volumes/<your system's drive name>/Library/Extensions/LittleSnitch.kext
or just rename it somehow.
- Rebooted
- Spinning circle, after which system successfully booted.

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