LS 4.0.1 broke startup of High Sierra b3

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Re: LS 4.0.1 broke startup of High Sierra b3

Postby anakin » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:24 pm

Thank you sweet walkindude! This saved my life and thesis! :shock:
walkindude wrote:- Booted into Recovery
- Launched Terminal
- Ok, maybe the following step is a little bit weird.. but for me it was the quickest path - launched 'Disk Utility' from it, like:
/Applications/Utilities/Disk\\ Utility
In Disk Utility I mounted my system's drive.
- Closed 'Disk Utility'
- In Terminal I removed the following directory:
rm -rf /Volumes/<your system's drive name>/Library/Extensions/LittleSnitch.kext
or just rename it somehow.
- Rebooted
- Spinning circle, after which system successfully booted.

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Re: LS 4.0.1 broke startup of High Sierra b3

Postby benz0989 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:47 am

good day

i am sorry to revive this post but i am having the exact same problem as everyone else had after installing little snitch for the first time on my macbook air.
now my computer gets stuck on the apple loading icon.
i tried removing the .kext file from the terminal in recovery boot,but the problem still remains.
i am currently in full panic mode,i hope someone can help me with this please.

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