Confused by network monitor

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Confused by network monitor

Postby ellinj » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:19 am

I am not sure I understand what all the icons mean in the new network monitor

I have some items that have

green check : actions that was allowed
red x : action that was denied

I have some with a blue x and check, these are silent mode connections that I can either allow or deny. I assume these should be allowed or denied based on my operation mode unless I choose to allow or deny which would create a rule.

That all makes sense but I have some items that have nothing. If I hover over the area where the check and x should be they appear grayed out but I can click on either the check or the x, What happens when I do that. Is a rule created?

I also have some that are gray with an empty white square and a check on a light gray square. what are these for and what happens if I click on them?

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