LS 4 code signature checking

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LS 4 code signature checking

Postby finistere » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:45 am

Hi all,

I am using a squid proxy compiled from Macports running on localhost as an adblocker. This squid has no code signature.

I set up two rules "Allow outgoing TCP to 80" and "Allow outgoing TCP to 443" and an additional incoming rule "Allow incoming from". This should cover all connections.

However, I get pop-ups for and, both connections to port 443/TCP that should be covered by the rules above, that seem to be based on squid having no code signature. After that unapproved rules for each and every host the squid connects to are piling up in the network monitor.

Could we get a "This process is just fine, I compiled it myself, just do as if it was signed" setting?

Or do I miss something here?

Otherwise good work on version 4. Looks nice so far.

----- EDIT -----

Looks like I found the solution myself: You need to mark the process as Owner: System. That's all.

----- EDIT -----


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