A question on profiles

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A question on profiles

Postby norbert78 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:22 pm

Hi forum,
I''m new with little snitch and have a question on profiles. I'm surfing and working under a profile named "Standard" but from time to time I need a very strict set of rules to be applied. For this reason I created a profile named "strict". This profile should only have two rules:
1) All traffic (in and out) shall be blocked
2) My Safari browser shall be allowed outgoing connections.
Bottom line: I want to set my whole system really offline except one program.

However, it seems that the profile that I created inherits a whole set of standard rules which I don't want to have in there. I found that I can edit each and every rule and make sure that it is not applied to the strict profile but I think that there must be an easier way.

Is anybody aware of a way to make sure that a certain profile does not inherit any standard rules but only uses its direct rules?


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