A couple of feature requests

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A couple of feature requests

Postby hummingdrone » Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:46 pm

I have bough Little Snitch today, what a fantastic and fascinating program! I've been able to track down some dubious programs, and even deduce that I had a dodgy browser plugin. You guys rock!

I do have some things I was hoping for, didn't understand, or think could be useful that I thought I'd share:

- I'd like to sort rules by date added. Sometimes you accidentally add a rule (often you click on a bunch of then), and you quickly want to undo it, for example when I accidentally also disabled a subdomain that server CSS for a webpage. The 24-hour option comes close I guess, but it still means I have to search for the rule. A big "undo last rule" button might also be useful, perhaps even as an option in the menubar icon's dropdown.

- I would like to have a learning/training period for apps where I am able to manually allow or disallow things as normal, but then after that allow all new requests. For example, Chrome wants to phone home a lot, and I would like to block that. But after I have tamed Chrome, I want to allow access to all other websites and let browser plugins (umatrix, ublock) take care of taming those.

- The Research Assistant is really handy, but it would be useful to also look at the specific domains the applications connect to. For example, with Chrome I'd like to have details on some of the servers it tries to connect to.

- It would also rock if, in the research assistant pop-op, the community could vote on whether disallowing a specific domain breaks functionality. It would almost be like a game: "Did I guess right that this is an important domain, or just fluff? Find the answer by clicking on the research assistant icon". For example, right now my plugins in Chrome don't want to load (which opens new risks!), and I don't know which of the domains I blocked was responsible for that. Google, as I now know thanks to Little Snitch, has a wide variety of domains it uses for authentication.

- I would like to be able to schedule when/how often programs can connect. For example, I want an app to be able to check for updates, but only allow that just once a month, and not every 5 minutes. (A less useful but possibly much more funny version of this would be an allowance system where I allow an app to connect X number of times, but after that it has wait until I give it a new allowance).

- I want to be able to block a whole range of subdomains, without blocking the main website itself.

- In the overview, I would like to be able to quickly allow or disallow a connection by clicking on the green and red dots. Currently, I have to open the pop-up for the rule, and then select the new status in a dropdown, and then hit save. That's a lot of clicks for something so vital.

- I'd like to have a page or icon bar or something along those lines that allows me to quickly toggle access for a select few programs that I want to block most of the time, but sometimes want to allow access for a little while. For example, I almost never install anything from the app store, so I want to block this chatty program. But once in a blue moon I'd like to give it access for a short time when I actually need to buy an app from it.

- I would like it to be able to be integrated with those white/blacklists you can find online. That way I can just instantly block most common tracking websites, so that my browser plugins have less work to do.

-As a newuser, I didn't realize I could open the main window of Little Snitch from the status bar icon because it had an unexpected name ("rules"). The other names in that dropdown are a little unclear to me as well (stop network filter?). That might change in a while, but I thought I'd let you know.

It can already do this, it turns out:
- I'd love the ability to block an entire program all at once. For example, Apple's Geo Daemon tries to connect to a whole range of servers. I block one address, and it just tries another. I just want to block the whole app in one go! (and laugh maniacally when I do it).
- And I have goten used to the names in the dropdown :-)

That's a lot of features! Please understand I only made this list because Little Snitch is so awesome.

"Little Snitch, the closest you'll probably get to running an understaffed kindergarten full of kids who are all having their birthday and just found the box full of high-fructose candy".

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Re: A couple of feature requests

Postby Andrzejm » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:54 pm

I highly support Research Assistant propositions.
It would be great to RA inform me about websites the app is connecting to.
Additionally is it possible to identify an application from within virtual machine? (Parallel Desktop for example).

Similar propositions are here:

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