Micro Snitch - More Features Needed

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Micro Snitch - More Features Needed

Post by User » Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:01 am

Hello community!

The last time I have created a thread about a potential bug in Micro Snitch concerning the overlay, but this time it's about the lack of features in the app. I found out about an app called OverSight, which provides the same functionality as Micro Snitch and appears to be even more advanced.

URL (no advertising intended): https://objective-see.com/products/oversight.html

Q: How is OverSight different than other tools (such as MicroSnitch)?
A: OverSight is unqiue in a variety of ways:

- OverSight is 100% free (no demo mode, limited functionality, etc).

- OverSight is able to identify the process that is accessing the webcam.
When your webcam's LED light randomly comes on, you'd want to know what process triggered that, right?

- OverSight provides the means to either 'allow' or 'block' a process that is accessing the webcam.

- OverSight can detect secondary 'consumer' processes that may be piggy-backing off a legitimate webcam session in order to stealthily record the user without detection. (See: "Getting Duped: Piggybacking on Webcam Streams for Surreptitious Recordings" for details on this novel attack).

Since Micro Snitch is a paid solution, it would be nice to see these features in Micro Snitch too in the near future!

Kind regards,

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