connections still blocked after uninstall

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connections still blocked after uninstall

Post by jrayson » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:44 pm

Hi, gang...

PLEASE. HELP. I installed Little Snitch last week, and although it's a great program, I've decided it isn't for me, and I uninstalled it (and all it's settings) using the uninstaller. Now, I'm pulling out my hair because there are a number of connections still being blocked and other very strange things occurring.

I use a cloud-based font management solution called FontYou which has now been experiencing major problems. It's as if there's a weird conflict happening with Safari and Mail where they all become unresponsive (I get the spinning ball) and none of them will connect until I force quit FontYou. Then Safari pages immediately load and Mail comes in. It happens again and again, and I'm convinced it's some connection problem or conflict caused by settings installed by Little Snitch.

I also know that there are Adobe connections still being blocked. In full disclosure, I had initially installed LS to block popups about unregistered Adobe applications. LS blocked the popups successfully, but after uninstall, the popups have not resumed, which leads me to believe that those connections (among others) are still being blocked.

I have tried everything to resolve these issues. I've done safe boots, permissions repairs, and run disk utility first aid. I've used OnyX to clear boot caches and kernel extensions and every cache imaginable. I reinstalled LS to make sure all connections were enabled before uninstalling again. Isn't there some way to restore all the connections that LS blocked?

Again...please help. I'm going out of my mind.

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Re: connections still blocked after uninstall

Post by pjonesCET » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:23 am

Be sure to follow these instructions referring to uninstall to the letter at this Link:

I have reluctantly had to uninstall Little Snitch. I have sent support request about it several times They either don't care or don't know how to fix. Ever since I moved to El Capitan, and has gotten much worse. The problem is, that, I was repeatedly having to approve the same rules over, and over, and over, and over for the same connection. The largest part of the rules has to do with Apple's connections.

My suspicion is that Little Snitch being a 32-bit program it's not working well and with the system now using sandboxing it is just not capable of working. Now, I now have no way to judge grapahically, whether I have a connection or how good. Oh well!

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Re: connections still blocked after uninstall

Post by jrayson » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:55 am

Thanks, pjonesCET for your reply. I followed those instructions and have taken many other steps to restore the connections that are not going through, but to no avail.

The console lists what seem to be a lot of errors and notices about blocked connection attempts, but I really don't know how to diagnose the problem.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?

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Re: connections still blocked after uninstall

Post by colm » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:48 pm

I'm also having this problem, and it's crippled my Mac. Symptoms since uninstall:
-iMessages broken
-Can't update software the App Store, cert errors
-Calendar app won't connect to servers
-Can't install 10.2.1 Combo update because it fails digital validation
-Parallels networking broken

All seeming to have to do with SSL somehow.

I've uninstalled using the uninstaller, keeping rules, and then without. I've even re-installed it and I'm still having the problem. I'm going to have to wipe the Mac if I can't get this resolved.

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