idea: APPEND Defaults in addition to Restore Rules

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idea: APPEND Defaults in addition to Restore Rules

Post by upgraded2 » Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:31 pm

:idea: Suggestion: APPEND Default Rules and/or APPEND Missing Default Rules would be really useful and a better option than the current one.

The problem with the current option to Restore Factory Defaults is that it completely replaces everything -- totally wipes out the customized rules.

If I had the option to append factory defaults / append MISSING factory defaults, then I could retain the custom rules I've added, while also restoring any defaults I mistakenly deleted (and there definitely have been several because I'm completely re-learning this completely new app. and I don't have the technical knowledge of all these ports and protocols.)

On version 1, I got a pop-up warning asking if I was sure I wanted to delete/modify a system/default rule. This doesn't happen now and thus a dilemma is created out of my own technically challenged lack of technical/rule/protocol knowledge. More info in the drawer on what these rules do/why they should remain as is would be really useful too.

Anyway, I really would like the APPEND option -- kind of like in photoshop where you have the option to APPEND brushes or REPLACE brushes.

Ya know?

thanks! it's a great app

I also would like to be able to copy the text again from the pop up windows as used to be able to do in version 1.

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