LS reports high traffic from mDNSResponder: ???

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LS reports high traffic from mDNSResponder: ???

Post by jdmuys » Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:42 am


When I am at home, no problem, but at work, LS Network monitor running on my MacBook Pro reports continuously high traffic from mDNSResponder.

Googling mDNSResponder seems to show that it's the Bonjour daemon or something.

I realize this is not directly related to LS core functionality, bit I would like to go a bit further, and would appreciate any help or pointer. Here are a few specific questions:

1- How could I assess more precisely the amount of bandwidth eaten by mDNSResponder?

2- Is it normal for mDNSResponder to be so active (note the network at the office has about 200 active machines)

3- Is there a way to tune mDNSResponder activity, or maybe to shape its traffic?

4- Is it OK to simply ignore the issue?



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