Annoying undiscoverable internal sockets disconnection

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Annoying undiscoverable internal sockets disconnection

Post by BIG SNITCH » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:50 am

I have been enjoying the protection and monitoring services that LittleSnitch provides for years on all generations of Mac and MacOSX. We have a Family Licence for LittleSnitch.

There is a sticky situation with a specific software that may or maynot caused by conflicts with LS settings or it's a bogus claim by the software developers. Let me explain:

The software in question is titled " ULTIMAKER CURA ". It's a competing freeware app ( multiplatform ) for slicing, file preparation and machine control for 3D printers. Although it was originally coded for their own line of 3D printer machines, the software supports many other 3D printers even the open source variety. The User Agreement of the software clarifies the fact that they " collect data " and user workflow information for their future software developments. I have had agreed to this for many generations of CURA by pressing the provided " ALLOW " at the prompt.
Here the problems and blame calling starts. The UTIMAKER CURA lives in MacOSX Applications folder and the actual " Slicing Engine " is within the " Contents folder of the app. That " Slicing Engine " has troubles doing it's job. Therefore at the user request it cannot " Slice " a CAD file and goes into an infinite loop or just sit there hanging.
I have been reading many similar cases on GitHub on many generations of the software and often the cause of the " CuraEngine disconnect " has been blamed on too aggressive FireWall softwares. One developer had mentioned the possibility of the FireWall preventing the CuraEngine Socket to make a connection etc.

Could LittleSnitch prevent the " CuraEngine " to do it's job? If yes, What settings need to be adjusted to correct that problem?

Here are the last few lines of the CURA log:

2018-04-16 01:29:57,911 - DEBUG - [(123145392902144)-Thread-17] UM.Backend.Backend._backendLog [90]: [Backend] [ERROR] Arcus Fatal Error (2, native 64): Could not connect to the given address
2018-04-16 01:29:57,959 - DEBUG - [(140735103090688)-MainThread] CuraEngineBackend.CuraEngineBackend._onBackendQuit [722]: Backend quit with return code 0. Resetting process and socket.

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