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VPN activated Profile

Postby gigiga » Fri May 19, 2017 9:36 pm

I'm using LS for a while now, first to prevent my laptop to consume my mobile bandwidth when tethered. With more and more Public WiFis available (I live in germany, we're in the early stoneage in this matter) I was thinking about an automated switching to a Profile that allows traffic in and out only through my VPN.

I have my own VPN connection to my home network, set up through my home router, which works perfectly well. I found tons of tutorials how to establish connection only when connected to VPN.
But here's the catch: I can't get it to work, because the last step in the tutorials mostly is, create at least two new rules to allow everything in and out, thus overriding the initial allow for my VPN connection making it redundant as LS highlights it.


So if I have an activated VPN connection or not, I am online, why should I define the allow rule for the VPN connection in the first place when I override it with two "allow-everything" rules afterwards? this doesn't make any sense. Can someone help me please?

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Re: VPN activated Profile

Postby hoplie13 » Sun May 21, 2017 1:53 am

Profile switching is a great option when you travel or use unsecured networks often and don't want to risk apps or info moving un-encrypted. So say you visit your bank and you want to make sure you never visit by accident on Starbucks wifi without VPN. You make it so that Firefox cannot access mybank.com over the regular profile yet anything is allowed over VPN.
At least that's my take.

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