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by gallettony
Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:26 pm
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Topic: Launchbar 6 is Less Responsive
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Re: Launchbar 6 is Less Responsive

+1. I am seeing the same as Jono. When I type an abbreviation, LaunchBar chokes after 1-3 characters and pauses for 2-5 seconds. The results window only fills partially and the app is totally unresponsive. Then after a delay, it will allow me to continue entering an abbreviation and the results wind...
by gallettony
Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:02 pm
Forum: LaunchBar General
Topic: Leopard
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Shortcut conflict with Spaces

LaunchBar's shortcut key to access the Action Menu (Control-Right Arrow) now conflicts with the key combination that Apple uses to change screens in Spaces. It would be good to introduce a way to set this key combination in LaunchBar's preferences in the same way that you can set a key combination s...